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apple – what will be new?

What do you think are the new products that Apple will introduce? New IMacs?

Read the latest here:


A quote on Computers and stuff on Technology

It should be for all technology… it sort of fits!

 Computers are like Old Testament gods; lots of rules and no mercy.
Joseph Campbell

Just remember…. just because it says its a USB port doesn;t mean its like YOUR USB port, nor does electricity come in the smae voltage in all countries….

When Is the US going to learn that the metric system is a lot easier on the brain and the wallet….  Not to metion that having a standard like everyone else is a lot easier to explain when you  mess it up!


feeling artsy…


… so I played a little with PhotoSuite. It’s my first attempt to create anything with it. I used a pic I had taken, cut out a part and use the filter on it. I went for that French Impressionist look. What do you think?


Harry Potter pages pics – real or fake?

Personally, I don’t really buy the story. The security surrounding this book is huge, I don’t think that someone can just hack someone’s computer at Bloomsbury’s and photograph the pages just like that. If that would be possible, I guess it would have happened long before, when the other books came out. Plus, there were only a few people who had access to the entire book as a preview.

In another forum I read that someone identified the camera’s registration number, so the guy who took the pics can be traced back – which would speak for the pics being really of the new book. Man, if that is true, and they find him, he is in a world of crap! And rightly so, I would think – why spoil the fun for so many million of people? He deserves what he’s got coming, if you ask me.



It’s so cool! I started experimenting with Audacity today, and it is just great! I’ll have a lot of fun with that!


Technically arrived…

Finalnot just an got here and started the first blog of my life. I am looking forward to see what it will become. I at least have become something I never was before: a techno-junkie, with the advent of my new beautiful, shining I-pod…


This is not just an I-pod – it is the advent of a new age…