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Turning 40, Job interviews and the small stuff

I turned 40 two days ago (8/8)….  I don’t know why people say its horrible….  that it makes them old… I think its really just a state of mind…. If a number makes you old…. Then its your mind telling you its true….  I’m doing things at 40 that I would never have believed I would be doing at 20! 

Job Interviews, can’t live with them, can’t live without them…..  Had a second interview with a hotel, in Baden-Baden Germany. 

Still was nervous. Still worried I was going to look dumb…..  Didn’t feel that way after the interview that went well!  World, keep your fingers crossed for me getting this job!  It would be wonderful to have!

Small stuff…. Wash service losing for a week my chefs whites and one pair of my pants… Finally resurfaced today…..  Thank God for that…..  Rain, too much, too fast…. The Oos looked like you would have fun on it white water rafting, However I think the police might mind you Kyacking or something down it through the city…  Fall temperatures in August…. Not necessarily a problem, if you didn’t worry about what kind of temperatures you were going to end up with in october!


Work and Job Hunting

Well, following up is always the best thing to do when job hunting…. No matter what…. 

I applied for the job at the Quellenhof with one person, was interviewed by another and now have to resend my Berwerbungsmappe to a third.  New hotel managment, and its playing havoc at the moment with their staff…..

I also think they are the people that now own and a renovating the hotel that we live behind…. or next to, since Herr Mettling asked me if I was interviewed for the Hirsch!

Well back to the drawing board, I am however getting good practice with my German, although its not the best, I seem to be understandable!

 More later on this.