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Ed and Elaine Brown

These are the people who refuse to pay income tax because they say there is no law in New Hampshire that requires them to do so. They also regard paying taxes as an infringement of freedom. They have been convicted of tax evasion I think it is called, and are now holed up in their home, refusing to do their time or pay their sentence. They are surrounded by the FBI who is waiting for them to give up after they have cut off all electricity and supplies. Supporters from all over the country flock to the house, bringing supplies and batteries and stuff. HELLO? What’s wrong with these people? I suppose they like their roads paved, and their schools furnished and adminstrations working? How in the high heavens do they get the idea that you don’t have to contribute to that? A state needs money to function. That to me is just logical. But hey, I am a German, and I guess we just have a different perspective on things. Everyone grumbles and groans about taxes, of course. But things like the solidarity tax for rebuilding Eastern Germany after the reunification and similar things have gone largely undisputed in my country. We are brought up on the notion of solidarity and sharing wealth with those who have less, and state support for those who need it. This is only possible because we pay a fairly high amount of taxes. But to me, in the end everyone benefits from the social security network that we have, which is a good thing. Nobody needs to fear to starve or to have no roof over his head, literally.

If the standoff in New Hampshire ends in bloodshed, it will be because of the overblown egotistism of two nutcases. Totally unnecessary.


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