You know its going to be a bad couple of days when

This is a post by SAER: 

 1) Less than a half hour into work you cut your finger.  Bad enough to go to the doctors/emergency room.  On a friday afternoon, after every office is closed. (I´m a chef, ouch, sharp knives). Leave the emergency room over an hour and a half later, with big white bandage and a doctors note for the weekend off.

2) Salary is not in the account.  Direct Deposit never shows up on the weekend.  BLECH.  Monday before one is financially solvent. Growl….  pain in the ass…..

3) Weekend. Usually incredibly enjoyable is interrupted by the fact that you have an abcess come up in your gum. Tear producing pain. Emergency trip to the dentist.  Emergency dentist as normal dentists are closed on the weekends.  Have to go back a second time and am on antibiotics for the infection. (Dental phobic here…. But pain much worse than the fear.)

What gets me through this…. My partner… Priceless…..


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