when your decisions come back to bite you in the butt

Did you ever feel like you made an irrevocable decision you are no longer sure about? Well, I did today…  I worked in the university system for about eight years, but two years ago I decided to leave the university because my career did not go anywhere, and I did not see a chance that it ever would. I became a school teacher, and I have been quite happy with the new life and never regretted the change.  Until recently, actually. I am currently visiting a friend who is a professor at a prestigious American university, so I have been talking to a lot of scholars and researchers. And suddenly, I am questioning my decision to leave again. Although I know that it was the right decision if I ever want to have a stable job and make money above the poverty line, which I do.  But I feel that I nearly envy my friend her lifestyle, her opportunities that being a university professor presents, and the intellectual stimulation that she gets. My life in contrast seems pretty dull.  And I am wondering if it was really the right decision that I made back then, two years ago.

 Did any of you ever experience something similar? How did you get over it? Did you get over it?

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