Malls, Craft Fairs and days off

Well…. Craft Fairs at times leave alot to be desired…. I think I have managed to find another craft fair/flea (floh) Market that made me wonder where the craft in the place was….

Cukoo clocks  that are obviously not well made, garden gnomes (or dwarves here in Germany) that look like they were spray painted and then let dry too fast in the sun and other items that simply define the word… Tacky.

I really don’t need a set of curtains that look like they ran away from the circus…. and fell in a pile of glitter…..

As for malls, well I managed to find one within a bus ride of where I work and its good!  Even if it looks like it should be a WW2 era bunker and something falling down around your ears from the outside.

 Oh well… I can explore again later!  Since its indoors and not far, I can go even if its raining!

Days off.  Too few and far between.  And at the moment too lonely because I miss my partner who is in the US.  Hugs!  But they are good for reacharging the bodies batteries, finding new things and just taking time for oneself…..

I think the world needs more days like that!


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